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Emma Backhouse

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​It’s good to talk!

Often a job advertisement, in its various forms, is the last-ditch attempt to attract talent for mid to senior level roles within businesses.  This is especially true within the housebuilding industry where the big names can often attract the high calibre applicants for their positions before the opening is general knowledge.

Managing Directors and other members of the leadership team often hear of roles ‘through the grapevine’ be it via colleagues past and present or industry ‘connections’.  This gives them a distinct advantage over other potential applicants who have comparative, or better, experience and skills.

Never has ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ rung so true.

So, where do recruiters fit into this scenario? Often seen as pests to businesses due to previous unethical practices and just general bad management, recruiters don’t seem to have the best portrait. 

Times are changing, recruiters are a service like any other, businesses have a real requirement to find talent that is not necessarily already in the market place, the ‘cream of the crop’, especially in times of recession and the dreaded ‘B’ word,  when budgets are low and resources streamlined. 

A solution is needed, and recruiters are remunerated for the service in sourcing under the radar talent. We spend our working days networking, speaking to business leaders and HR departments, building relationships and partnerships, understanding the importance in knowing our client’s businesses inside out in order to find the right fit for their organisation at whichever stage of their cultural lifecycle they may be at.

Businesses shouldn’t underestimate or negate the value in recruiters.  A service is a service be it asking a baker to make a cake or a landscaper to make pretty your garden. There is a need… and effort are expended in order to get an ideal end result. Finding talent is also a service and should not be viewed any differently.

Likewise, potential applicants need to think outside of the box in order to be the first in line for top roles.  Job boards are not the first landing zone for many roles and it’s in the best interest of prospective applicants to be speaking with the pros ahead of a potential move, before it’s too late.

So, if you’re a mover or a shaker looking for a confidential conversation about moving on, please do get in touch!

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