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Coronavirus: Unchartered territory for small businesses

Steve Blight

Bpc 11

​What a strange feeling.

BPC Land & New Homes, the company I created and co-founded is 24 years old today. In the time I’ve spent building and running a successful business, which now also boasts a recruitment company, training academy, digital marketing agency and a partnerships division, we have seen off at least two property recessions, one global financial crisis and a small thing called ‘Brexit’. Not to mention the day-to-day challenges that all businesses face along with our clients, customers, suppliers and staff.

In those 24 years and the 10 or so beforehand when I was employed, I thought that I had seen and witnessed most things. Little did I know that a cold type virus by the name of CORONAVIRUS was going to rear its head on the other side of the globe and create merry hell for each and every one of us.

The last month or so has been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions, none more so than in the last ten days. I was asked a question early last week by a younger employee as to what I was feeling and what could I compare the daily events to that were occurring in the news today. It took me a minute or so to think the question through and my response was as follows: “I actually think we are at war, the first war in modern day terms and one where we are not actually fighting against another country, religion or culture. The world has been invaded by an alien force, one we cannot see with our naked eyes, but one that we can feel none the less. It is a killer and at the present time it is killing our elderly and our vulnerable. People’s relations of every type are indiscriminately being attacked. None of us are 100% safe at the present time and so a world survival plan is in place.”

This article on the challenges presented by Coronavirus, along with how the BPC Group as a business are managing it, is continued in a LinkedIn article of the same name on Steve's profile: Read the LinkedIn Article

Stay Safe
Best Wishes

Steve Blight, Managing Director