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Our commitment in 2022!

Steve Blight

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​As we step into another challenging year, it’s safe to say we’ve all seen and heard enough of that dreaded C word, but the good news is starting a new year often brings new goals, desires, and opportunities.

We understand and have experienced first-hand that different work environments and the world we live in today has very much changed if we compare it to before 2020. Organisations have had to adapt considerably to make their version of the ‘new normal’ work going into 2022. Some positive and some negative dependent to the industry you are in.

The good news is, more choices are now presenting themselves to allow individuals to follow their passions, chase their dreams or search for that job opportunity they have always wanted. This is positive for job seekers so making that right move should really be an exciting time and the team at BPC Recruitment is here to support you through that journey.

We are‘committed’(this is our new C word for 2022!). ‘Committed’ to help those looking for their next opportunity, but equally ‘committed’ to our clients we are working in partnership with. But time is of the essence, and it truly is a ‘battle for talent’ (a phrase I’m not particularly keen on but it’s happening out there). Exceptional talent in the housebuilding industry is hard to come by and hiring managers are missing out on quality people because their processes are nowhere near quick, slick, or efficient enough.  

However, we believe the time is now from either perspective. Whether it’s a company looking to expand their business with new talent or an individual seeking a move that improves their career path, flexibility, work-life balance or one that reduces their commute to enable more time with their partners, family and even the dog! But with this companies need to be adaptable, perhaps it’s now time to consider someone from a different industry but with transferrable skills or supplying the tools to train individuals with lesser experience.

For further details or to discuss more about BPC Recruitment and our services, please give us a call on 01992 660238 today, we are very much here to help.

Here's to a successful 2022!

Steve Blight

Managing Director - BPC Group